New Year, New Resolutions

Kathleen Borg
Dec 30, 2013

As January approaches, the talk about "New Year's resolutions" begins. Whether the resolution is to get out of debt, spend more time with loved ones, or to put the cigarette buds down for good, these resolutions have one thing in common: they are goals to make our lives better. Sadly, many of these well thought of resolutions will be left unresolved (gasp). We've all been in that position where we set our expectations a little too high to where our unattainable goal becomes so unimportant that it eventually ends up as a thing of the past. Whatever it is that's preventing you from following through on your goal, remind yourself a good excuse will always equal no results.

Although this ritual of self-improvement is supposedly a way to provoke new beginnings, many see these newly founded commitments as a joke, partially because so many New Year's resolutions are infamously unmet. After years of watching others or maybe even yourself excitedly dedicate time and effort into making these resolutions a reality, they somehow fall short of our expectations. The solution to a failed New Year's resolution is not to abandon the practice, but to supplement it with a broader resolution- a commitment to a goal-directed life. This New Year's, pursue the goals that make you happy and do it in a way so that it becomes second nature.

Despite all the pessimistic attitudes, there is still hope! For those of you who still claim to be New Year's resolution believers, use the next twelve months to prove to yourselves and others that making a positive change in your life can be done. If taken seriously, it proves to the an act of profound moral significance that embodies the essence of a life well-lived. Just remind yourself that January 1st doesn't depict a time to change your entire life, nor is it going to happen over night. The New Year is something to look forward to over the course of time, as we take into account the unexpected ups and downs that life has to offer. What's more important is that we tackle the obstacles that we encounter on a daily basis and if our resolution can be a part of that as well, then more power to you.

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Post by Kathleen Borg