Get to Know .US

Kathleen Borg
Nov 14, 2013

What exactly is a .US?

Almost every country in the world has a designated two letter domain. For example, in China it's .CN, in Mexico it's .MX, and in Austria it's .AT. Each of these countries have different restrictions and regulations regarding who can and cannot register for a particular country code domain extension.

Why register a .US domain?

If your currently seeking a new domain for either personal or business use, you're probably frustrated with the limited availability in the .COM market. Luckily there are tons of other options available for United States residents who are eligible to register for a .US domain. With over 300 million residents, the United States offers a wide variety of people that could potentially be interested in taking part in your online personal website or business.

The .US country code domain extension offers personalization and is also a great way to demonstrate your American pride. Establishing your business as an American will give users a sense of security along with an internationally respected web domain.

Get Creative!

Creating the perfect domain requires a little imagination and creativity. You can use .US to represent more than just the United States. It can also be read with the interpretation of the word us, so use this to your advantage! Here are a few great examples:,, the possibilities are endless!

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Post by Kathleen Borg