Friday Thirteen: 13 Spooky Websites
on Friday the 13th 2013

Robyn Norgan
Sep 13, 2013

Today is Friday the 13th. This, of course, means that it's time for you to get superstitious and avoid walking under ladders, opening up umbrellas inside, stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk, and crossing the path of a black cat (though it's too late for me on that one since I own the black cat pictured right, who is very sweet and definitely not bad luck by the way). Since today is supposed to be a spooky day, we decided to feature some spooky websites - 13 to be exact - so here they are if you dare...

1. The Skeptic's Dictionary

The Skeptic's Dictionary is "a collection of strange beliefs, amusing deceptions, and dangerous delusions." You can search from abracadabra to zombies to get more detailed information about all things supernatural, paranormal, and pseudoscientific. If the website's not enough for you, you can also purchase the book version, also titled The Skeptic's Dictionary by Robert Todd Carroll.

2. The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry's mission is "to promote scientific inquiry, critical investigation, and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims." On their website you can find resources for skeptics around the world in categories such as astrology and astronomy, UFOs, and urban legends. If their website isn't enough for you, they also put out a magazine called Skeptical Inquirer.

3. Urban Legends Online

According to Urban Legends Online, "you shouldn't believe everything you're told!" We agree, which is why you should check out their website to learn about some of the most well-known urban legends. They've got a full list with categories such as bugs and snakes, children, Hollywood, and even horrible accidents. Don't see your favorite urban legend on their website? Submit it under the "Report a Legend" tab!

4. Weird Universe

Weird Universe "explores every aspect of human and natural cosmos that is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than we can imagine." The website features articles about strange happens from around the world including a recent article about an unusual goat (we'll let you read all about it on the website) and an article on a invention that flopped known as the Turkobath, which could "turn an ordinary home bathtub into a steam cabinet."

5. Your Ghost Stories

Do you have a ghost story you'd like to share? Your Ghost Stories is the place! Read about real hauntings from real people who have experienced them firsthand. The website also features stories of famous hauntings from around the world including our local Winchester Mystery House and Alcatraz!

6. Phenomena Log

Phenomena Log is another place where you can share your unexplained experiences. The website features a searchable log of other people's weird or unexplained experiences. You can narrow your search by location, date, and even type of event. As they say, "everyone has a story."

7. Ripley's

I'm sure most of us have heard of Ripley's Believe It or Not and in addition to their attractions, they also have a great website. Their website features a Weird True Facts (WTF) Blog, some assorted oddities, and a look inside Ripley's world. Explore the website for radio "oddcasts," unbelievable videos, and more!

8. CreepyPasta

CreepyPasta doesn't have any Italian food, but instead features scary paranormal stories and short horror microfiction. Many of the stories were originally published on 4chan and according to the owner of CreepyPasta, the website is "an archive of my personal favorite creepy stories." You can browse the website by category and even submit your own creepy story, though as of right now you'll have to wait until the next submission period starting September 20.

9. Horror News

Stay up on your horror news with, well, Horror News! Horror News covers daily news from all aspects of the horror industry including film announcements, film and book reviews, live podcasts, and articles from their over 40 writers. If you love everything horror or are simply looking for an idea for your next horror film to watch, Horror News can definitely help you out.

10. Horror Society

Horror Society is focused on supporting those in the horror industry, both independent and mainstream. On their website they feature independent horror films, music, art, and performance as well as information about upcoming mainstream horror movies and events and conventions. They even put on their own film festival events featuring, of course, horror. Stay up with what's going on in the horror industry by listening to their radio podcasts and reading their many articles!

11. Horror Talk

Not sure what horror movie you should watch next? Horror Talk has lots of reviews on horror movies, TV shows, books, and even comics. Check out their HorrorTalk TV section of their website for interviews with people like Rob Zombie as well as a variety of episodes from their own web-based TV show. Then join their forums to connect with other horror fans and join in the discussions about everything from horror in general to cult horror to non-horror movies.

12. Bloody Disgusting

Bloody Disgusting is the "#1 source for all things horror!" The website features information about horror movies, video games, music, and comics. You can find news, reviews, and even interviews with the stars of the horror industry. Join their community to stay up on your everything horror!

13. Zombie Research Society

Do you love zombies? Then join the largest zombie fan club on the planet! The Zombie Research Society boasts over 200,000 in their ranks. Their website has information about zombie science, zombie survival, and zombie culture. You can join for free as a social member or for a one-time fee, become a lifetime member, which gets you an "official membership t-shirt not available to the public and a unique ZRS identification card."

The author Robyn Norgan and a man posing at a haunted house
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who wants to give a shout out to one of our local spooky places, the Winchester Mystery House, which is known for having stairs that go to the ceiling, doors to nowhere, and other spooky architecture, as well as ghosts haunting the entire property. If you're in the area, they do flashlight tours on the night of any Friday the 13th as well as during the month of October during their "Fright Nights"...if you dare!