Friday Five: Top 5 Services to Help You Create a Mobile Website

Mayank Sharma
Sep 20, 2013

Guest Post By Mayank Sharma

In this modern world, a person either owns a cell phone, a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, or all of the above. The number of Internet users has greatly increased, especially in the last decade, allowing people from different walks of life to find information, get entertainment, work, learn, and communicate in a seamless manner. According to recent reports by the NPD Group about 37% of PC users have switched to a smartphone or tablet to access the Internet. Despite these numbers, most of the websites are designed with PC users in mind. Though the trend of mobile websites is gaining in popularity, it is still far behind in comparison to websites designed for PC users. Once the websites are optimized for mobile phone users, the website owners can rest assured that they will get more traffic. You are probably wondering; how can I optimize my website and make it mobile friendly? Below is a list of top five services that will help you create a mobile friendly website with no knowledge of programming:

WPtouch Mobile Website Service

1. WPtouch

WPtouch is a plugin for WordPress' content management system. It helps you create a website modeled after iTunes' design specs. It loads at lightening fast speed and beautifully renders the content without interfering with your regular website. WPtouch automatically converts WordPress blogs into web-application experience when viewed from an iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry Storm, or iPhone.

MoFuse Mobile Website Service

2. MoFuse

Currently, MoFuse is one of the most popular mobile website builders on the market and it is being used by more than 23,000 blogs for their mobile versions. Some notable websites that utilize this service include Read Write Web and Mashable. MoFuse offers users tools that can help them not only promote their content, but also to build and measure their audience, as well as make money.

Dudamobile Mobile Website Service

3. DudaMobile

DudaMobile's popularity has been growing and today, they host over 4 million mobile websites. Recently, they partnered with Google on their GoMo initiative to encourage people to build websites that work across multiple screens. DudaMobile's service is completely free and easy to use: just enter your URL and you will be given several mobile templates to chose from. Once you create your account, you'll be given a custom subdomain that you can use to redirect mobile users to your website. If you want additional features, you can also pay a small subscription fee.

Octomobi Mobile Website Service

4. Octomobi

Octomobi provides you with an easy to use interface to create mobile websites in a quick and efficient way. Once again, you do not need to know any programming skills to create your mobile website with their service. Some of the noticeable features of Octomobi's paid service is use of your own subdomain, removal of the "Powered by Octomobi" signature, and Google Analytics integration. Its paid service is only $9/month, making it one of the cheapest and best services on the web.

Mippin Mobile Website Service

5. Mippin

Mippin is a little different because it allows you to create an mobile app for your website. It is an extremely fantastic tool that is ideal for website owners who want an RSS-driven mobile app. They offer two types of apps: Web apps that can be distributed through install links and QR codes or Native apps that can be submitted to any app store that supports its operating system. Users will be able to download your app for free, but there is a fee to make your app go live.

If these five aren't enough for you, there are a few other noteworthy services and plugins that can help you optimize your website for mobile devices including Wirenode, MobilePress, Winksite, WordPress Mobile Pack, WPtap, and Mobify.

Mayank Sharma is a technical writer working with TechAhead Software, a mobile app development company headquartered in India. He has a passion for writing and spends his time reading fiction novels. He can be contacted through LinkedIn.