Friday Five: Best Sites for Integrating a Dog into Your Life!

Jun 21, 2013

Here at the Dynadot office we believe in a lot of things: affordable web domains, beautiful designs, the occasional engineering joke, and dogs. Yes you read the last one right, dogs. And not to say that we discriminate against cats, we love them too, they just wouldn't like coming to the office as much. That's why at Dynadot we're lucky to celebrate Bring your Dog to Work Day everyday! Our Dynadogs love it, and so do we! Since today marks the official day in which workers all over America storm their offices with their furry friends in hand we thought we'd share five resources to help incorporate a dog in your life.

Check out our top five and then view some pictures of our furry friends at work below!


Looking to find pet friendly apartments? This website will allow you to do a national search for apartments but only shows the pet friendly ones. This is a definite must if you have an animal because you can find many apartments but the search will have to be halted if they don't allow animals. If you are moving, look for pet friendly apartments instead of abandoning your dog to a shelter - they would never abandon you!


The humane society is one of the best ways to find a pet! So many animals are looking for their home- take an animal out of the shelter and into your home. You can search for you local humane society on this website. If you can't adopt a pet in your life there are many great opportunities to donate to the Humane Society or become a volunteer.


Pet Finder has a mix of both shelter animals and other animals waiting to be found. You can use the search bar to narrow your findings in order for you to find a perfect match. They also have great information on pet care and what it means to adopt a pet.


Becoming a pet owner or deciding to be one is a big decision. Use this resource to scour hundreds of different pet blogs, read stories, and connect to those who share the tales of their furry friends. (If you want to start your own blog on your furry friend check out our .ME domain - the domain of bloggers!)


Cesar Milan of the Dog Whisperer has a great website for anyone trying to train their dog! He updates his articles regularly and has a large archive for different approaches to any problems you may have with your pooch. He stresses the importance of regular training, exercise, and love as the three things a dog needs most!

Here are our Dynadogs who sometimes turn into dinosaurs, hot dogs, and pirates.
A black and white dog in a dragon costumeA brown dog in a hot dog costumeA pit bull wearing a pirate eye patch

This post is written by Dara, proud mom of a pup!

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Jul 23, 2013 9:01am
FAIL! #5 really? You just fell on your face Dynadot. Unless you want to beat your dog, kick your dog, strangle your dog, hurt your dog and make him afraid of you, #5 is the way to go. But try doing your homework next time and a turn towards someone who uses humane training and science, such as Jean Donaldson, She also owns the Academy for Dog Trainers and has a list of graduates who know how to train without brutality and get results while building bonds between dogs and their people. You depended on pop culture and some hoopla over a person who Hollywood made famous. He's a celebrity not an educated dog trainer. Such a disappointment. Why not stay the course with domain names, your specialty, and stay out of the "hurting dogs" industry?