You've Heard of Grumpy Cat,
But What About the Manx Cat?

Robyn Norgan
May 15, 2013

Let's face it, the Internet loves cats! As a fellow cat lover and owner of two cats myself, I can't blame it. Cats do make for spectacular entertainment as can be seen on sites such as,, and even reddit. Most recently, a little cat nicknamed Grumpy Cat has taken the internet by storm. Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce. According to her owner, her petite size and famously grumpy face are most likely due to feline dwarfism, which has also caused her to have a short tail.

Grumpy Cat is certainly unique (and adorable), but her shorter tail is not. In fact, there is an entire breed of cat known for its short - and in some cases non-existent - tail: the Manx cat. Manx cats hail from the Isle of Man, the home of the .IM domain. Cats of this breed have a naturally occurring gene mutation that shortens their tail. As you may have guessed, the fact that the Manx cat is from the 'Isle' of Man has played a role in the mutation, allowing this unique gene mutation to thrive due to limited genetic diversity.

Although when many people think of the Manx cat, they think of a completely tailless cat, this is not always the case. In fact there are five different classifications of Manx cats based on their tail proportion:

The author Robyn Norgan wearing sunglasses and posing with a cat wearing sunglassesRumpy: no tail
Riser: tail is only a bump of cartilage
Stumpy: partial tail of fused vertebrae, roughly an inch long
Stubby: short tail of non-fused vertebrae, up to half of an average cat's tail
Longy: half to normal length tail

If you're looking for a unique cat of your own, look no further than the Manx cat. Even Koko, the famous gorilla who knew sign language, had three Manx cats as companions. The Manx cat's home, the Isle of Man, has honored it by making the breed a symbol of the island nation and its unique culture. Planning a trip there? Don't miss the Mann Cat Sanctuary, a haven for cats that of course features the native Manx cat. Check out our Isle of Man travel guide to plan your trip to the Mann Cat Sanctuary (or just the Isle of Man in general).

Now that you know a little bit more about one of the Isle of Man's symbols, the Manx cat, I want to let you know that the Isle of Man also has a domain extension, .IM, that just happens to be on sale for $8.99 as we speak (or in this case read). The .IM domain extension is the Isle of Man's country code (ccTLD), but it is open for anyone to register, which is great because there are a ton of great uses for it. .IM can stand for I am, Instant Messaging, and even real estate in French, German, and Italian. It also makes for some great domain hacks such as,, and Take advantage of our $8.99 .IM domain sale before it ends 6/30/13 23:59 UTC!

Grumpy Cat photo is courtesy of Love Grumpy Cat? Vote for her for Meme of the Year for The Webby Awards!

Manx cat photo is courtesy of Wikipedia.

The author Robyn Norgan wearing sunglasses and posing with a cat wearing sunglasses
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who likes to turn her own cats into grumpy cats! :)