The .ME Team Visits the Dynadot Office

Robyn Norgan
Jan 11, 2013

Today we were excited to welcome Masa Dikanovic and Sanja Lazovic of the .ME Registry to the Dynadot offices. We have been working with the .ME team since we first added the .ME domain in 2008, but for most of our team it was the first time meeting Masa and Sanja. It was a great meeting and we are looking forward to another great year of partnership to help promote one of the fastest growing ccTLDs: .ME!

Team Dynadot and the .ME team in front of our awesome Nic Cage wall, which Masa described as "the best thing she's seen in America so far!"

ME Registry & Dynadot Visit
Pictured left to right: Jacqueline Daly, Robyn Norgan, Sanja Lazovic, Masa Dikanovic, and Todd Han.

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And now, since I know you want a close up, the Dynadot Nic Cage's Face on Things Wall in all it's glory:

Nic Cage's Face on Things Wall Dynadot

P.S. NicCagesFaceOn.ME is also available....just saying...

Post by Robyn Norgan

Apr 22, 2014 2:55am
cage's face looks wonderful at mona lisa's portrait.. Hahahahaa:))
1 Reply
May 8, 2014 11:33am
Doesn't it? I think my favorite is Nickelcage, though it's so hard to choose as they're all excellent!