Meet Our Newest Domain - .MN!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 17, 2013

The .MN domain is the country code (ccTLD) of Mongolia. Like with many ccTLDs, .MN registration is open to everyone. If you're in the US (or familiar with our state codes), you may have immediately recognized that MN is the state code for the great state of Minnesota (did you say the in your head with an appropriate Minnesota accent because I did). .MN domains have been used by Mongolians and Minnesotans (there's that accent again) alike for both business and personal websites.

Not from either place? Don't write off .MN domains just yet. In addition to considering buying your .MN domain name to protect your brand, you should also note that .MN can be used for domain hacks. Unfortunately, there aren't that many words that end in mn; however, there are a lot of words that end in man, men, mon, and even min, meaning you can create .MN domain hacks such as (Top Gun fans anyone?), (science fans?), (anyone in the clergy?), and (gotta stay healthy!).

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of how you can use the .MN domain (and by the way all of the .MN domain hacks mentioned above are currently available).Check out our .MN domain page for more information and to buy your own .MN!

Robyn Norgan
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