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Pending Delete Domain Evaluation

December 10, 2009

NOTE: The Pending Delete Domain Evaluation reports are only available to accounts that qualify for bulk pricing.


The Pending Delete Domain Evaluation Program is a new beta offering from VeriSign that identifies a set of valuable data points to help you evaluate domain names that are pending deletion from the active zone (i.e., after domain names have passed the Redemption Period in the domain name life cycle).

Users will be able to review the traffic statistics and content attributes to better evaluate domain names that are pending deletion from the active zone. This will allow users to prioritize which names from the pending delete pool are attractive and allocate investment budget accordingly to a portfolio of domain names that should be registered.

Each report will only contain .COM domain names that are up for deletion a full five days in advance of the actual deletion date (with the report being generated one day in advance of the described period) – e.g. a report generated and issued on October 1, 2009 will illustrate traffic statistics and data attributes for only those domain names set to delete on October 7, 2009.

How to View the Reports

The report is provided in Pipe (|) delimited flat files. These files can be imported into any spreadsheet or database program. Since the files are zipped in a *.gz format, they must be extracted prior to viewing.

To use MS Excel to read the data please follow these steps:

  1. Open the data file in MS Excel.
  2. Highlight the column and choose “Data” from the file menu then choose “Text to Columns” and check the delimiter “,” or enter “|” as appropriate.
  3. Select “Finish” and the data will parse.

To use MS Access to read the data please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new database in MS Access.
  2. Choose file command “Get External Data” and select “Import” and choose “Text” file format.
  3. Select your delimiter and import the file. Note: In some cases be sure to match the date format with the date file format found in the working data file.

Field Definitions

Domain Name - The domain name.

0-6 day Data Analyzer (DA) Score - 0-6 days non-existent domain name (NXD) score, as received from the DA output file. Data analyzer scores Non-existent domain names from a range of -1 to 10, where -1 is an invalid domain name, 0 = no data found, and 1-10 showing how popular that domain name is based on DNS Query traffic.

4 week DA score - 4 week NXD score, as received from the DA output file.

Monthly cumulative Traffic Score - The monthly cumulative DNS Query traffic score for the domain name. This is a measure of how much unique user traffic there is to a Web site, based on Domain Name System (DNS) daily traffic. VeriSign processes up to 50 billion transactions per day to more than 80 million domain names. Thus, this number reflects the global traffic going to a particular Web site, such as www.Domainname.com.

Monthly average Domain name rank - The monthly average domain name rank, based on the monthly cumulative traffic score, for the domain name.

Monthly average Popularity score - The monthly average popularity score for the domain name. The Popularity Score is the measure of daily unique traffic to a Web site, weighted to take into account links to that Web site from other Web sites. a Web site with a score of 1,000 would be among the most popular Web sites and likely have a large audience as well as being linked to by other highly-trafficked Web sites.

Monthly average US based traffic percent - The monthly average US based traffic percent, based on the monthly cumulative traffic score.

Number of Inbound links - The number of inbound links.

Number of Outbound links - The number of outbound links.

Redirect destination - If the domain name Web site is redirected, the redirect destination.

Brand Safety - The Brand safety value for the domain name.

Keywords - There are four sources of data that are considered for keywords: Title Bar, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and General Content area. All extracted keywords are delimited by commas.

Accept Ads - Indicates whether the domain name Web site accepts advertisements.

Login form - Indicates whether the domain name Web site has a login form.

Shopping Cart - Indicates whether the domain name Web site has a shopping cart.

Personal Information - Indicates whether the domain name Web site requests/accepts personal information.

Third party checkout - Indicates whether the domain name Web site utilizes any third party checkout facility.

Purpose - Types of Purposes:

  • PPC - a Web site that contains pay-per-click ads.
  • REDIRECT - A domain name that returns an HTTP 30x status or uses an HTTP META refresh.

Status - Status of the domain.

Create Date - Domain name creation date.

Expiry Date - Domain name expiry date.

Deletion Date - Domain name deletion date.

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