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Verisign Data Analyzer

Dynadot Staff

What is Data Analyzer?

Versign, the central registry for COM domains, recently released a new tool called Data Analyzer (DA). DA allows you to check the amount of traffic a domain name gets, even if the domain does not exist.

Where Does the Data Come From?

Verisign, being the central registry for COM domains, also runs the root name server for COM domains. Each time you type in a domain name in your browser, Verisign's root name server will receive a query for that domain name. Verisign stores all queries, including those for domains that do not exist, in their massive Data Analyzer database.

How Do I Use Data Analyzer?

You can find DA by logging into your Dynadot account and clicking on the "Search" tab and then "Data Analyzer Tool" sub menu.

On this page you can submit a list of domain names that you want to check the traffic for. We will send your domains to Verisign DA, and the next day you can sign back into your account and check the results. Each domain name will receive a score between 0 and 10. 0 means no traffic, and 10 means lots of traffic.

How Can Data Analyzer Help Me?

Say for example you own the domain name "acmewidgets.com". You want to check to see if your customers are mistyping your domain name, and thus not getting to your website. You can submit a list of domains to DA such as:


If any of these domains return a high score, then you can register the domain name, and forward the traffic to your correct domain name.

How Many Domains Can I Upload?

You can upload as many domains as you want. In fact some customers have already uploaded millions of domains to be analyzed by DA. However, if you upload lots of domains, it may take many days to finish analyzing your domains. Verisign limits the number of domains we can submit to them each day.

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