Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Dynadot has helped thousands of customers establish their online identity. We have customers from 108 different countries and six different continents. Below are some of the letters we have received from our customers.

thank you!

and I congratulate you for the very very fast response! I've never seen anyone answer this fast!

B. M.

i am very impressed by dynadot.
where have you been all my (internet) life?


Hello Dynadot,

You have no idea how much I appreciate your service. I just had 10 domains hosted of a domain provider that went down. My buisness suffered from serious downtime putting the stress on me from my own clients. and because im young in the buisness world I'm yet to get a credit card. Your paypal option is the best! Wish I found this place earlier. Expect many domains registrations from me in the future as well as transfers. U guys are a savior. Thanks!!!

M. B.

Thanks, and please send my thanks to ****** as well.. she was not only helpful but listened when I explained the situation -- which is something that a lot of customer service reps don't do these days.  For that I'm really appreciative.  And your company has been very quick with the responses as well, which is a big plus in my book.

Have a happy new year.

N. B.

I have used all of the well known registrars and none of them compare to Dynadot for customer service. As my renewals come up elsewhere, I am transferring the domains to Dynadot. Great price, prefect service. Thanks, S.M.

S. M.

Guys, this system is the best i ever used. Thank you!


Your answers are so timely and very clear.
Thanks so much!
I chose Dynadot because of your terrific customer reviews and now I can see why!

A. B.

I registered less than a day ago, and I've already managed to do such much.
I am really happy with all of the features you give for the lowest price (that I found, didn't look for so long though).
I love the PayPal payment option which is actually how I found this site.

Bottom line is that you charge a good price, payment is through PayPal and supply me with the features I needed without much hassle
I would definitely recommend this site for people around me and I am planning to buy more domains here.
Thank you:)

A. H.

I confirm that I'm with the best company.  The cents and care for the small details, friendly and professional support.  

I'm happy to have you.

M. P.