Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Dynadot has helped thousands of customers establish their online identity. We have customers from 108 different countries and six different continents. Below are some of the letters we have received from our customers.

I just want to thank everyone who is involved with Dynadot. I am genuinely happy with the service you guys provide. Nowhere else I've tried has had this level of flexability and ease of use. I wish I could have a problem just to see the level of customer service you guys have too, but I have not had a single problem! So thank you very much to the programmers and management of the site! I appreciate all of your work.


Nice article on 'private' domain registration, with good cites.  Useful info not readily compiled elsewhere.  Thanks.


I tested Dynadot for several weeks, and everything was VERY smooth, so I am beginning to transfer all of our clients domains and smaller websites here :)

Biggest plusses:
Excellent no-frills interface
Prompt and helpful customer service

Love 'em!

If Dynadot adds a few more options to the hosting plans (like CGI, and keeping a copy of email on server even if forwarded), we may transfer even more!

Thanks again Dynadot :)


thank you.
i'll be back by your site whenever im ready to buy a domain.
...still verifying my paypal for now..

i love your service - sincere, honest. no hidden charges.

more power

J. H.


Thank you. I just submitted 2 more orders and will continue to move names over the next few weeks.

I am very impressed with both your phone and on line support; very nice, professional people.

P. C.

Thank you for all of your help.. great service!!


A. B.

As an avid domain name collector, I deal with several registrars, one of which is Dynadot. And though I have the majority of my domains parked at a notable registrar, reputed to be the fastest growing in ICANN, their service leaves much to be desired and I only get a response when I threaten to transfer my domains out to another registrar. However, I'm growing tired of having to do so continually. Special offers do not make up for the growing slack in their service attitute. Therefore, I will be gradually transfering all my domains out from them to Dynadot given that your service is definitely way above theirs, not to mention one of the speediest I've come across. Once again, great work folks and I would definitely recommend your company to anyone who's into domains trading. Cheers!!!

R. S.

Hello Dynadot!

Just want to thank you guys for making things so easy with domain
purchasing, domain transferring and all that!
I just transferred 2 domains to my account and it went through like a breeze! I didn't actually have to worry about anything, which was great!

Customer service has been fantastic too! I have been sending in tons of questions and I always receive a prompt reply! Excellent!

I will be transferring all my domains to Dynadot now! (with the
exception of one .WS which is currently stuck at ******* :( boo!). I wish I had bought the .ws at Dynadot but no one actually told me about this! They just said "*******".

Oh well, keep up the great work Dynadot! :D



just wanted to let you know i have given you some extended review and praise on dnforum.com:


Reason is i was very satisfied with your quick customer support response so i thought you deserved some credits :)


F. B.

Hi Dynadots Staff,

Thats what i love about this company, "EVERYTHING" you people know how to run a business.


G. W.