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मार्च 2024
Launched New Crypto Payment Method
Make Dynadot purchases with cryptocurrency! We've integrated BitPay, a secure crypto payment processing platform, that allows users to make payments using a wide variety of coins. Learn more.

फ़रवरी 2024
Price Increase: .CO Domains
On March 1st, 2024 0:00 UTC, the central registry will be increasing the price of .CO domains. Due to this, our prices will be updated as well. Our new prices will be - Regular: $25.99, Bulk: $25.50, Super Bulk: $24.99

अक्टूबर 2023
Top Tier Savings Promotion
Super Bulk pricing is now available for all customers until the end of the year. Check out our great prices and start saving today!

जून 2023
New Dynadot Rebrand Launched
Update includes changes to the Dynadot brand and website to align with our new rebrand. Check out our blog post for more information!

मार्च 2023
Launched New Payment Option: Union Pay
Union Pay can now be used as a payment option for CNY transactions. Learn more on our payment options page.

फ़रवरी 2023
Security Key Authentication

जून 2022
Separated .NGO and .ONG TLDs
.NGO / .ONG are no longer bundled together and can be registered individually.

जनवरी 2022
Updated Domain Deletion Wait Period
Reduced the waiting period for domain names that are marked for deletion from 30 days to 7 days.
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