Premium Pricing Event

Grab these domains before they're gone.
Starting November 5th, 2019, hundreds of thousands of premium domain names have dropped in price. Search now to find premium domain names that are short and memorable, and contain valuable search keywords or meaningful, brandable business identifiers. Most of these domain names are now selling at standard prices and standard renewal rates. Get them before they are gone!

Часто задаваемые вопросы

1. Why is Donuts lowering prices on premium domains?
The Donuts team continuously analyzes and adjusts pricing across their entire 242 top-level domain portfolio, including standard and premium names. Before the Donuts/Rightside merger in 2017, each company priced its premium portfolio differently. Recent sales analyses clearly show that lower prices for select TLDs and price points result in significant premium registration sales lift across customer segments. Cumulatively these price changes better align average list prices within segments of the Donuts premium portfolio with average sales prices. This is a price correction based on market demand, which is good news for both investors and SMBs.
2. How much are premium domain name prices dropping?
Premium domain prices drop depending on the specific top-level domains and/or domain name. For context, approximately 250,000 premium domain names will drop in price, and more than 850,000 premium domains will move to standard pricing.
3. Which premium domain names are changing?
Price changes will impact more than 1.1MM premium domain names across 45 top-level domains. Visit to discover the range of premium domains available and download relevant category lists.
4. What is the benefit of registering now and not on November 5th when prices drop?
Many of the best names are predicted to sell very quickly on and after November 5th due to price drops. Registering names before the price drop via Pre-Sale or Pre-Order allows buyers to secure coveted domain names before they are gone.
5. How does the Pre-Sale Program work?
Starting September 5th, anyone can register valuable domains before prices drop (and demand increases) on November 5th. Premium domain prices remain the same in the Pre-Sale stage, but buyers will get lower renewal prices for those domains. For instance, when a buyer registers a premium domain that drops to standard pricing on November 5th, during this window the buyer will pay the existing first-year premium price but only pay the standard price each year they renew that domain name.
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