I used a refer-a-friend code, but didn’t get $5 Dynadollars?

First of all, thank you for creating a Dynadot account! We are confident you will be happy with our services.

There are a couple of potential reasons why you might of not received your $5 Dynadollars:

  1. The referrer does not qualify for this program.
  2. The account information is not complete & valid.
  3. You have not met the spending requirements of the program.

If you have not received your $5 Dynadollars and you feel you should have, you can contact us at info@dynadot.com. Please be sure to provide as much information about both your account and the referral account so we can investigate for you.

For information on how our program works and conditions, please visit our Refer-A-Friend page here: https://www.dynadot.com/community/refer-a-friend.html