Can I change my page's type after it's been created in your Website Builder?

No, once you have created a page, you cannot change the type of page it is within our Website Builder. You will need to add a new page and select the type that you want the page to be. We have three types to choose from:

  • Page: "Page" is our general option. This is the type to select if you don't want your page to be set up for blog posts or product listings.
  • Blog: "Blog" will automatically set up your page to host blog posts. When you set your page type to blog, you are given special setting options such as the number of posts per page, the ability to turn comments on or off, and, importantly, the ability to add blog entries to the page.
  • Product: The "Product" page type is only available with our Website Builder Business plan. This page type is the only page type that supports products for our shopping cart.