How do I refund a customer's order within your Website Builder's shopping cart editor?

Our Website Builder shopping cart makes it easy to manage your orders. The shopping cart is available with our Website Builder Business plan.

There are two ways to refund a customer's order. If you have not yet shipped or fulfilled the customer's order, you simply need to cancel it and it will be automatically refunded in full.

If the order has already been fulfilled and/or the refund is for a return, then you can follow the steps below to refund the order:

  1. Войдите в личный кабинет Dynadot.
  2. Select “My Websites” from the left-side menu bar.
  3. Щелкните ссылку «редактировать» напротив конструктора сайтов, который хотите использовать.
  4. Щелкните вкладку корзины в панели инструментов слева.
  5. Click on the orders tab.
  6. Pending orders will be the default selection when you land on this page. If the order is not listed here, use the drop down to select "All Orders."
  7. Click on the order you want to refund.
  8. Нажмите кнопку «возврат».
  9. There is a "refund" box where you can enter the amount that will be refunded. This allows you to control the amount of refund you are giving the customer.
  10. If you want to send out an "order refunded" email to your customer, make sure you check off "send a notification email to the customer."
  11. Click "Confirm" to refund the order or "Cancel" to cancel the cancel the refund.
  12. Once you have confirmed the refund, our system will autoamtically refund the customer for the amount you entered.

What is the difference between refunding an order and cancelling an order?