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Можно ли контролировать VPS-хостинг из личного кабинета Dynadot?

Yes, you can perform VPS Hosting functions such as Shutdown, Startup, Reboot, and Rebuild directly through your Dynadot account. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Войдите в личный кабинет Dynadot.
  2. Выберите «Мой хостинг» в панели меню слева.
  3. Щелкните ссылку вашего VPS-хостинга (синяя ссылка).
  4. Scroll down to "VPS Control", you will be prompted to unlock your account if it is not unlocked already.
  5. Once unlocked, you will see your VPS Hosting controls under the "VPS Control" section.

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