Domínios Wechatpay

Domínios Wechatpay

Dynadot now accepts RMB through WeChat! Our automated order system will register your domain as soon as we receive your payment.

Benefícios do Wechatpay

WeChat Pay is a third party payment feature integrated into the WeChat app. Over 300 million users have used WeChat Pay and it is a very popular payment service in China.

  • Suas informações financeiras e do seu cartão de crédito nunca são reveladas ao Dynadot.

  • If you do not have the WeChat app, it is free to download.

  • Every WeChat user has their own WeChat Payment account.

  • Use your WeChat Pay balance to register domain names or website hosting!

Como efetuar o pagamento de uma compra com o WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay can be used to purchase domains, hosting, website builders, and more! You can choose WeChat Pay when you check out by using the following instructions:

  1. If you haven't already, select CNY as your currency using our drop-down on the top-right of the page.

  2. Add the domain(s) or other product(s) you'd like to purchase to your cart.

  3. Select WeChat Pay as your payment method and then submit your order.

  4. On the next page, you will be given a unique link to click on to submit payment using your WeChat account.

  5. Depois de ter enviado o seu pagamento, nosso sistema automaticamente processará o seu pedido.

Quanto vai demorar?

Once you submit your WeChat Pay payment, our system will automatically start the order process. Some orders may need verification to complete, and if this is the case, you'll receive instructions via email.

Perguntas frequentes sobre o Wechatpay

Vocês aceitam pagamentos com cartão de crédito pelo Wechatpay?


Vocês aceitam pagamentos com saldo do Wechatpay?


Vocês aceitam pagamentos por conta bancária através do Wechatpay?


Do you accept Wechatpay payments in currencies other than the CNY?

No, we only accept CNY through Wechatpay.

Can I just send you money from Wechatpay's website?

Não. O nosso sistema automatizado exige que você pague através do link exclusivo da página de recebimento do pedido. Você também pode acessar este link através da sua conta Dynadot, na página de Resumo, sob "Pedidos em Aberto" e "Tipo de Pagamento".

I don't have a Wechatpay account. Can I still place an order?

Yes, after your submit your order we will provide you with a link to the Wechatpay site where you can create a new Wechatpay account. However, you may need to verify your account with your cell phone or bank account in order to complete your payment.