Last Chance Domain Auctions

Our last chance domain auctions are your best opportunity to acquire valuable domains before they return to the open registration market. The domains listed in our last chance auctions are previously auctioned domains from Dynadot's aftermarket that were not successfully completed due to various reasons, providing you the perfect chance to participate in new auctions to add high value domains to your portfolio.

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What is a last chance auction?

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Last Chance Domain Auctions FAQs

How do last chance auctions work?
On occasion, domains listed in Dynadot's auctions do not complete the auctioning process. This can be caused by the auction winner's payment not being fulfilled or if fraud/abuse was detected. This previously resulted in a lost opportunity to acquire a valuable domain for other users. With our last chance auctions, these unacquired domains become a new auction listed on this page for Dynadot users to place bids on and acquire, ensuring users have a fair opportunity to win these domains. These relist auctions last 7 days. For more information, visit our help page.

What are the requirements to bid on the domains listed?
The requirements to participate in the last chance auctions are the same as participating in our other aftermarket auctions: you must have a Dynadot account, have $5 in your account balance or completed an order of at least that amount within the last 365 days, and not be banned from our auctions. Visit our expired auctions help page to learn more about the requirements.

What happens to a domains expiration date when you win a last chance auction domain?
Domains that are won retain their original expiration date and they will not be renewed when the auctioning process is completed.

How long is the payment period for last chance auctions?
Auction winners will have about 3 days to complete the payment for last chance auctions. Once the payment is fulfilled, the domain will be moved into your Dynadot account.

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