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1881 — Kintarō Hattori opens the watch and jewelry shop "K. Hattori" (Hattori Tokeiten in Japanese; currently named Seiko Holdings Corporation) in the Ginza area of Tokyo, Japan.
1892 — Seikosha (精工舎) is established in Tokyo as the clock manufacturing arm of K. Hattori.
1917 — K. Hattori becomes a company (K. Hattori & Co., Ltd.).
1937 — The watch production division of Seikosha is split off as Daini Seikosha Co., Ltd. (第二精工舎, literally The Second Seikosha).
1942 — Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. is founded in Suwa, Nagano by Hisao Yamazaki.
1943 — Daini Seikosha establishes a factory in Suwa for manufacturing watches with Daiwa Kogyo.
1959 — Daiwa Kogyo and the Suwa Plant of Daini Seikosha merge to form Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd. (諏訪精工舎, literally The Seikosha in Suwa)
1961 — Shinshu Seiki Co., Ltd. is established as a subsidiary of Suwa Seikosha.
1970 — Seikosha is split off from K. Hattori & Co., Ltd., and Seikosha Co., Ltd. is incorporated.
1982 — K. Hattori & Co., Ltd. is renamed Hattori Seiko Co., Ltd.
1982 — Shinshu Seiki is renamed Epson Corporation.
1983 — Daini Seikosha is renamed Seiko Instruments & Electronics Ltd.
1985 — Suwa Seikosha and Epson merge to form Seiko Epson Corporation.
1990 — Hattori Seiko Co., Ltd. is renamed Seiko Corporation.
1996 — Seikosha Co., Ltd. is divided into Seiko Precision Inc. and Seiko Clock Inc.
1997 — Seiko Instruments & Electronics is renamed Seiko Instruments Inc.
2007 — Seiko Corporation is renamed Seiko Holdings Corporation.
2009 — Seiko Instruments becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seiko Holdings.
2020 — Seiko Precision transfers its business operations to Seiko Time Systems Inc. and Seiko Solutions Inc. and dissolves.
2020 — Seiko Instruments transfers its watch business (development and manufacturing of the Seiko timepieces) to Seiko Watch Corporation.
2021 — Seiko Clock is merged with Seiko Time Systems to form Seiko Time Creation Inc.
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