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Administración de cuenta potenteFrom beginners to investors, we've got you covered

Our two-factor authentication allows you to lock your domains to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Bulk Action

Update multiple domains at once using our bulk modification tools.

Control Nameserver Servers

Manage Nameservers and contact records with ease using our bulk actions or smart folders

Organize Domains

Our smart folder help you stay organized and make changes simply across your segmented domains.

Sitios web

Create and manage your websites with our custom website builder.


Instantly register a domain or list of domains with a click of a button. No checkout required!

Auction Tools

Manage your bids on our expired, user and backorder auctions to make sure you win the domain you want.

Lista de Observación

Keep track of the domains you are interested in and be alerted when they are available to purchase or bid on.

Dynadot is different.

We believe in fair prices without the upsell.

We are here for you every step of the way.

Editor Web

We want to help you get started on building your own website.

Free 1 page starter plan

Responsive Templates

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Cancelación durante período de gracia

Want to "return" your domain? We'll credit back your purchase minus the deletion fee.

Available for most domains.

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Ownership Change

Push and pull domains between Dynadot accounts.

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Gestión de DNS

100 Subdomain recordsA and CNAME records

10 Email aliasesIncluding catch-all

5 MX + TXT Records

Estacionamiento de dominios

10 Email aliasesIncluding catch-all

5 registros MX

1 TTL con cada registro MX

Domain | Stealth Forwarding

10 Email aliasesIncluding catch-all

5 registros MX

1 TTL con cada registro MX

ABOUT DYNADOTWe believe in complete customer satisfaction

Dynadot es un registrador de dominios acreditado por ICANN. Con ello, nos comprometimos a cumplir todas las normas técnicas y financieras para asegurar la estabilidad del internet. Dynadot es una empresa privada libre de deudas. Nuestra estructura financiera proporciona estabilidad en una industria en donde las empresas son cada vez más inestables. Conoce más sobre nosotros y el por qué de nuestra filosofía.

That's why Dynadot offers nothing short of the best.