Change Domain Ownership

Domains can be sold, given away, or just moved between accounts to reorganize. Dynadot offers these domain ownership changes free of charge. If you are the recipient of the domain, you can start the process on this page by entering the domain you want to become the owner of below. This is known as a domain pull.

Enter the domain name you want to become owner of :


Please note that we do not support bulk domain pulls. If you want to change ownership for multiple domains, the owner can initiate a domain push for multiple domains.

The Change Ownership Process

  • Enter the domain name you wish to become owner of in the box above. Complete the order process, including signing into or creating an account to receive the requested domain.
  • We will contact the domain owner and ask him to approve the ownership change.
  • If the owner approves, the domain is moved to your account. You can now sign into your account and configure your domain.

About Change Domain Ownership

  • This is not a domain name transfer, which involves moving a domain from another registrar to Dynadot.
  • We can only change the ownership of domain names registered through Dynadot.
  • Once a domain is moved to another account, it cannot be moved back except by the owner of the new account.
  • When a domain name changes owners, the name servers and contact records are set to the account defaults of the new owner.
  • Please note that we will be sending the Forum Name and Organization / Name to the domain owner.