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Register Your .公司 Domain

You've already heard of the popular .COM, and now there is a Chinese language version with .公司! Like .COM, .公司 is easy to remember. It's the perfect place to establish your website in the Chinese market. As one of the most commercially influential Chinese top-level domains (TLDs), .公司 offers secure and professional service for your website. It's highly suitable for commercial uses, including brand establishment, corporation image, and business credibility. Since it's so versatile, it's also a great option for a personal website or blog. The best part is, unlike .COM, since .公司 is so new, you'll have the opportunity to register the domain name you really want. Don't wait! Register your .公司 domain today!



Protect Your Brand with a .公司 Domain

If you already own a Chinese language .COM or any other Chinese domain, now is your chance to register your domain name on the Chinese version of .COM with .公司. Get into the Chinese market with an easy-to-remember domain name that is set to become the next big thing! If you don't register it, someone else might and it's much more difficult and expensive to get it once it's already owned. If you don't want to set up a separate website, your .公司 domain can simply redirect traffic back to your main website.

International .公司 Domains

.公司 supports internationalized domain names (IDNs) in Chinese! Use our IDN search to find and register the right Chinese .公司 domain name now!

.公司 Domain Requirements

The following registration information should be submitted including, but not limited to:

  • If the applicant is an individual registrant, they need to submit their name, ID type, ID number, contact address, telephone, email, etc.
  • If the applicant is on behalf of the organization, they need to submit the organization name, the type of organizational identity, organizational identity code, mailing address, email, phone numbers, etc.
  • In addition, the registrant should also submit any other relevant identity certification materials.

Domain Information

UsageChinese Websites
Renewal Grace Period40 Days
Deletion Grace Period5  Days
Restore Period30  Days
Privacy AllowedNo
IDN SupportedYes, See Languages
DNSSEC SupportedYes
RegistryChina Internet Network Information Center
Wikipedia EntryWikipedia
Registration Price (1 year)$39.99
Renewal Price (1 year)$39.99
Transfer Price$39.99
Restore Price$249.99

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  • Free DNS
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