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.中文网 is a Chinese phrase meaning "Chinese language website." Since it is a standard phrase used across the Chinese Internet, registering your website on the .中文网 domain will communicate to Chinese netizens that your website is localized into Chinese. .中文网 is great for personal and business websites alike and it's the natural home for Chinese language news and media sites. With almost 600 million Chinese netizens and hundreds of millions more in Chinese speaking communities around the world, .中文网 is a great opportunity to reach your target audience in their native language!



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Protect Your Brand with a .中文网 Domain

.中文网 is the perfect Chinese home for your brand's, company's, or media property's Chinese language website! In fact, the term is often used for searches on Baidu, China's most popular search engine, especially when searching for the Chinese language version of an international website. Plus, many companies have chosen to add the phrase .中文网 to their localized Chinese site, but now you can save a few characters by simply registering your domain name on .中文网! Registering your .中文网 domain name is also a great way to protect your brand in the growing Chinese market. If you don't register it, someone else might and it's much more difficult and expensive to get it once it's already owned. If you don't want to set up a separate website, you can simply redirect traffic back to your main website.

International .中文网 Domains

Increase your reach with an internationalized domain name (IDN). .中文网 supports Chinese-Simplified and Chinese-Traditional IDNs. Use our IDN search to find and register the right international .中文网 domain name now!

With a .中文网 IDN, the whole domain can be written entirely in Chinese script, making it easier to reach your target market in the language they prefer.

Domain Information

UsageChinese Websites
Renewal Grace Period40 Days
Deletion Grace Period5  Days
Restore Period15  Days
Privacy AllowedYes
IDN SupportedYes, See Languages
DNSSEC SupportedYes
RegistryTLD Registry
Wikipedia EntryWikipedia
Registration Price (1 year)$99.99
Renewal Price (1 year)$99.99
Transfer Price$99.99
Restore Price$199.99

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