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  • How do I transfer my .UK domain to Dynadot?

    Transferring a .UK domain is different than most domain transfers. To transfer your .UK domain to Dynadot, please follow these steps: Ask your current registrar (also known as tag holder) to change the tag (also known as the IPS tag) for your domain to "DYNADOT". You do not need to place an order on our transfer page. Email us at [email protected] and let us know your username and the domain you just re-tagged. We will add the domain to your account once Nominet, the central registry for .UK, notifies us that the domain has been re-tagged.Dynadot does not charge a fee for this service. Please be aware that your domain will not be renewed for 1 year, unlike domain transfers for .COM, .NET, and most other domain extensions.If your current registrar will not or cannot change your tag for you, then you can move your domain name to a new registrar yourself using Nominet's Online Services, which involves a fee of £10 plus UK VAT at 20% as of 2016.Find out how to transfer your .UK domain away from Dynadot.

  • How do I transfer my .UK domain away from Dynadot to another registrar?

    Transferring a .UK domain is different than most domain transfers. If you want to transfer your .UK domain away from Dynadot, you can do so in your Dynadot account by following these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "My Domains" from the left-side menu bar and click "Manage Domains" in the drop-down. Click on the domain you'd like to transfer away. (The domain will be a blue link.) Scroll down to the "Transfer Lock" section. If you haven't already, use the link to unlock your account. Then, use the "Unlock" button to unlock your domain. Scroll down to the 'New Registrar Tag' section and press the "Release" button. Input the tag for your new registrar in the "New Registrar Tag" box and then click "Release" to confirm. Click on your shopping cart and follow the green "Checkout" buttons to submit your Release. Once you have completed this process, we recommend locking your account. There is no fee for this service.Find out how to transfer your .UK domain to Dynadot.

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