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  • How do I transfer my domain to Dynadot?

    Thanks for choosing us! To transfer your domain to Dynadot, please follow these steps:Before You Begin Your domain cannot be transferred if it has been registered or transferred within the last 60 days. We recommend starting your domain transfer at least 2 weeks before the domain's expiration date. More Info Unlock your domain and get your authorization code from your old registrar. Start Your Transfer Visit our domain transfer page or our bulk domain transfer page to get started. Enter the domain you'd like to transfer and its auth code. Click "Transfer." You should see your domain transfer added to the cart in the upper right corner. If you're done shopping, click on the cart to check out. After You Complete Your Transfer Order You will receive a confirmation of your order send to the email address associated with your Dynadot account. Once the transfer has been authorized, you will receive a domain transfer initiated email from us. Once the transfer is complete, you will receive a domain transfer complete as well as an order finished email from us. We recommend reviewing the TLD price list for transfer and staying updated on our monthly promotions. This will enable you to stay informed about any special offers or discounted pricing that may be available.When you transfer a domain, 1 year is added to the expiration date. There are some exceptional cases when domain transfer is completed but validity years are not added, feel free to refer to find more information here.

  • How do I register a domain name?

    Well, you've come to the right place! Dynadot is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar and we've got everything you need to register an awesome domain name - including over 500 domain extensions!To register a domain name, please follow these steps: Go to our Domain Name Search page. Enter the domain name you wish to register in the search bar. You can choose to enter your domain name with or without a domain extension. Once you've found the one, click the shopping cart icon next to it. The item(s) should briefly appear at the top right-hand corner of the page as they're added to your shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart and then "View Cart". Review your items. Note: Domain privacy is automatically added for TLDs that allow privacy unless you have made changes to your domain default privacy settings. This will be indicated underneath the domain(s) "FREE Add-Ons" section. At this point, you can choose to upgrade Website Builder or Email Hosting to Pro plan for your domain(s) as well, by clicking on "Upgrade" link in each row. To check out, click the "Checkout" button. Our system will take you through the checkout process to submit your order. You will receive an "Order Finished" email from us when your order has completed processing and your domain is registered! Please note that the Domain Name Search page is not the only page where you can search for the domain of your dreams. We also have a few additional searches that can help make it easier to find your dream domain. These include: Advanced Search: allows you to select multiple domain extensions you want to search. Bulk Search: allows you to search for multiple domain names at once. IDN Search: allows you to target your search for Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). (You can search for IDNs in any of our searches and our system will automatically take you to this page for the results.) Bulk IDN Search: allows you to search for multiple IDNs at once. AI Search: let AI guide your domain discoveries

  • What if the domain I want is is taken?

    Have you ever searched for a domain and discovered that it has already been "taken" or registered by someone else? If this has happened to you, check out our list of ideas and infographic below, and learn how to get the domain you really want! Explore domain aftermarkets such as Dynadot's domain marketplace, Afternic, and Sedo. These platforms facilitate seamless connections between domain buyers and sellers. If you have a specific domain in mind that is currently not listed for sale, check if there is a "Make an Offer" button in the domain search results. If so, you can submit a service request to make an offer, and we will assist you in locating the domain owner and presenting your offer. Try out our Suggestion Tool, a hidden gem at Dynadot. This tool unveils domain name suggestions that you may have never considered before, and it might even present a superior alternative to your "taken" domain. Please note that the Suggestion Tool is exclusive to .COM, .NET, .CC, .ORG, .INFO, .CLUB, and .ONLINE domains. Why not consider a different top-level domain (TLD)? Our TLD page features a wide range of domain options, including your country's ccTLD, .CO, .ME, .NET, .XYZ, .BIZ, .ORG or .INFO. With hundreds of TLDs to choose from, you'll find the perfect fit for your website. Check our Whois Lookup to determine if it's possible to contact the current owner of the domain. If the owner's contact information is available, you can send them a direct message to inquire about purchasing the domain. In cases where the owner's contact information is not accessible due to our privacy service, you'll find a "Contact Domain Holder" link at the bottom. By utilizing this link, you can initiate an email to the address on file for the specified domain. Please note that contacting the domain owner does not guarantee a response. Track the domains you are interested in with our Watch List feature. With Watch List, you can monitor the status of domains you wish to purchase. If any changes occur with a domain in your Watch List, we'll promptly notify you via email. Learn more about how to add domains to your watch list.

  • If I transfer my domain to you, will my website and email be affected?

    If you use a third party to host your website and email, they should not be affected by the domain name transfer. We do not change the name servers for your domain during the transfer process.If you host your website and email with your registrar, they may be affected. Some registrars will only host your website or email if you register a domain with them. In this case, you should not transfer your domain until you move your website and email hosting to a third party company.

  • How many years can I register my domain?

    You can register your domain up to 10 years; however, not all top-level domains (TLDs) allow this many years of registration. There are two ways to see how many years of registration are allowed on a certain TLD: Go to the individual TLD page and scroll down to the "Domain Pricing" table. Here you will see prices listed for each year of registration that is available for that TLD. For example, on the .AT page, you will notice that only the first year's price is listed, while on the .COM page, all 10 years have prices. This is because .AT can only be registered for a maximum of one year, while .COM can be registered up to the maximum of 10 years. Add the domain name you are interested in registering to the shopping cart and click on the "1 year" drop-down. When you add a domain to your cart, the default selection is 1 year. You can use this drop down to adjust the number of years you would like to register your domain. The drop-down will list the highest number of years that are available for registration for your chosen domain. Registering your domain for multiple years can help ensure that you don't lose your domain to expiration.

  • How do I know if a domain allows privacy?

    The majority of our top-level domains (TLDs) do allow domain privacy. However, due to central registry restrictions, some domains do not allow privacy. To see which domains do not allow privacy, you can either look at the "Privacy" column on our TLD page or you can check out this list of domains that do not allow privacy. Please note that the most up-to-date info can be found on our TLD page.Learn how to add privacy to a domain in your Dynadot account. If the domain does not allow privacy, you will receive an error message letting you know.

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