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  • Where do I submit my .CN documents for the audit?

    To submit your documents, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "My Domains" on the left-side menu bar and click "Contact Records" in the drop-down. Find the contact record you are trying to audit and click on the blue "none" link under the "Cnnic .Cn Audit" column. Select the 'Contact Type' that applies to you and fill all information requested. Click on the "Click to upload" link to upload your document(s). Press the "Start Audit" button to start the audit. NOTE: If your contact record lists a business name, you will need to send official business documents such as Business License or Articles of Incorporation; along with photo ID for the audit. If only your name is under the contact record, and you are a Chinese citizen, you need to send your government-issued photo ID. For other individual registrants, please submit a copy of your passport for the audit.

  • What additional information is required to register .CN domains?

    CNNIC, the central registry for .CN, requires documentation to register a .CN domain. To do so please specify your contact type as either an Individual or Enterprise.If you choose Individual, you will need to provide a photo ID for the .CN registry's audit process. Please note, the registry accepts passport only for the audit if you are not a Chinese citizen.If you choose Enterprise, you will need to provide photo ID and a copy of your Business License for the .CN registry's audit process. NOTE: the CN registry is very strict with the audit. To pass the audit, the name on the ID or business document must match EXACTLY the name of your contact record, including the language and order. Common reject reasons are: document is not clear, not full version or important information is covered by watermark.

  • Who can register a .CN domain?

    Although .CN registrations used to be restricted, now anyone can register a .CN domain.Having said that, there are requirements to register a .CN domain.You also need to commit to the following .CN registration agreement: To comply with laws and regulations related to the Internet networks; To comply with the Procedures and other relevant regulations of competent authorities; To comply with these Rules and other regulations as the domain name dispute resolution policy; To ensure the authenticity, accuracy and integrity of the registration information submitted. Why was my .CN domain deleted?

  • Why was my .CN domain deleted?

    CNNIC, the central registry for .CN, does not allow certain domain names to be registered. For example, domain names related to gambling or pornography are not allowed. CNNIC reviews all domain name registrations and may delete certain domains. If this happens to your domain, you will not receive an account credit. For a full list of restrictions, please see the "ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR .CN REGISTRATIONS" section (Part 2, Section 22) in our Service Agreement.

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