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Account Management

  • How do I lock my account?

    If you've unlocked your account for any reason, our system will automatically re-lock it within one hour for security reasons. However, we recommend re-locking your account as soon as you no longer need to have it unlocked. If you're not sure if your account is locked or not, check the "Account Lock" section of your "Info" in the right-hand column that shows on every page of our control panel. From there, you can click "Change" and it will take you to the "Account Lock" page under the "My Info" drop-down. Then click the "Lock Account Now" button to lock your account.

  • How do I close my Dynadot account?

    To close your Dynadot account, please email accounts@dynadot.com from the primary email address on file with your account. NOTE: The account must be completely empty (no active domains, VPS or Email Hosting, SSL certificates, Website Builders, etc.) before it can be closed. If you have active domains, you will need to either transfer them to another registrar, move them to another Dynadot account, or set them to be deleted (which will take 30 days). If you have active web hosting or SSL certificates with us, you will need to let us know to close them down in your email. For our Website Builder, you will need to delete your Website Builder plans from within your Dynadot account.

  • How do I park a domain?

    To park your domain (also known as domain parking), please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Manage" from the "Domains" drop-down menu. Check the box next to your domain name(s) and click on the "Name Servers" icon. Click on the "Parking" tab. Click on the "Park Domain" button to save your changes. Please be aware that it might take some time for your name server changes to propagate.

  • How do I sign up for a new Dynadot account?

    Thanks for asking! There are two ways you can create a new Dynadot account: Visit our Create Account page and fill out the form. Create an order on our website and the system will prompt you to create an account if you do not already have one. Not sure what to order? We've got plenty to choose from! Register your dream domain Transfer a domain you already own to us Preorder a domain that hasn't even launched yet! Shop our domain market where you can buy and sell, bid on, or catch your next domain! Build your website - check out our easy-to-use and fully customizable Website Builder templates (the first 5 pages are free!) Purchase one of our web hosting plans - we've got VPS! Secure your website with SSL Like Dynadot on Facebook Follow Dynadot on Twitter Follow Dynadot on LinkedIn Follow Dynadot on Google+ Follow Dynadot on Pinterest Check out the Dynadot Blog

  • How do I turn off Google Authenticator?

    Google Authenticator, along with your "birthday" and SMS Authenticator is a great way to add extra security to your account. This is why we recommend keeping it as a part of your account security. But, if you do want to remove Google Authenticator from your Dynadot account, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Account Lock" from the "My Info" drop-down menu. Unlock your account. This will require you to enter a token code from your Google Authenticator app (as well as your "birthday" and SMS code if you also have this enabled). If you can't enter your token code, use the "Lost Cellphone" link for help. Go to the "Google Authentication" section. Enter your password for security. Then click "Disable Google Authentication" to turn it off. We recommend relocking your account by clicking "Lock Account Now" at the top of the page when you are done. Note: This will not automatically remove your "Dynadot:username" account from your Google Authenticator app. To remove that, you will need to open the app and click on the pen icon at the top right-hand corner. Then, click on the red minus sign over your "Dynadot:username" account and click "Remove Account" to confirm its removal from the app. Please make sure you have already performed the steps above before removing it from the app.

  • What does the account area look like?

    Well, it's easy to create a free account and see for yourself! But, here are some screenshots of the account management area on our website. Click on the thumbnail image to see the full screenshot. Name Server Setting Screen Shot A screenshot of the name server settings area where customers can set name servers for a domain name. DNS Page Screen Shot A screenshot of the DNS page where customers can set DNS for a domain name. Account Summary Page Screen Shot A screenshot of the account summary area.

  • What is the "Account Lock" feature?

    The "Account Lock" feature is a security feature used to prevent anyone from hijacking your domains and/or changing important account information. You are required to verify your identity before the system allows you to unlock your domains and/or change your account details. We recommend adding 2 step verification to your account to further enhance your account and domain security. Please note that if left unlocked, our system will automatically lock it again for your security after 1 hour.

  • How do I set the default number of domains printed per page for my account?

    Want to see more of your domain list on the "Manage" page? You can set the default number of domains printed per page from within your Dynadot account by following these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Domain Defaults" from the "Domains" drop-down menu. Click on the "Default Domains Per Page" link located on the right-side of the page. Select your preferred number of domains per page - the options are 100, 500, 1000, or 5000. Click on the "Save Changes" button to save your changes. Go back to the "Manage" page under the "Domains" drop-down to see your updated list.

  • Why do you need a birthday and secret question and answer from me?

    Dynadot takes your account security seriously. This is why we ask you to enter a secret question and answer as well as a "birthday" on your first login. The information you enter should be valid information that you will be able to remember as we will ask for this information during certain account functions such as editing your account info and unlocking your domains. Your "birthday" does not need to be your actual birthday, but should be a date that you will be able to remember. If you do forget it, you'll need to submit a forgot birthday request. Your secret question should be something a stranger would not know about you. For example: Question: favorite food Answer: apple Please note that in the future, your secret answer must be entered exactly as it was when you created it. So, for the example above, "Apple" or "APPLE" would be seen as incorrect by our system. When will I be required to enter my "birthday"? When will I be required to enter my secret answer and question? Forgot your "birthday"? Want to add even more security to your account? Add Google Authenticator and/or SMS Authenticator to your account.

  • How do I change my SMS settings?

    If you have already activated your account's SMS settings, and you need to edit your SMS settings, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Unlock your account. Under the "SMS Authentication" section, enter in your Dynadot account password in the "Password" box. Click on the "Disable SMS" button. Enter in your new cellphone number. Click on the "Set SMS Phone Number" button. Next, click on the "Send SMS Token" button. A 6-digit code will be sent to your cellphone number to ensure you have access to the cellphone number you entered. This test code will expire 1 hour after it is sent. Enter in the SMS test code in the "Enter Token" box. Click on the "Enable SMS" button to save your changes. NOTE: Carrier fees may apply for any SMS message sent to your cellphone. How do I activate my SMS Authentication settings? When will I be required to enter my SMS Autehnticator code? Help! I lost my cellphone! How do I turn off my SMS Authenticator settings?