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    Expired Domain Auctions

    • How do I set my marketplace default payment settings in my account?

      If you are planning to participate in our Expired Auctions and/or Backorders in our Marketplace, you need to set up your marketplace default payment settings first. Setting this up allows our system to put through your payment automatically so your order can complete on time. Both expired auction and backorder orders must be paid for within a limited time of 24-48 hours or you may be banned from our auctions. The following payment methods are available for your marketplace default payment type: account credit (default selection), or credit card. You will be able to select up to three payment methods and priorities. To set your marketplace default payment settings in your account, you first need to turn on your auto-payment settings by following these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Aftermarket" from the left-side menu bar and click "Default Payment" in the drop-down. Choose "Yes" from the "Turn default-payment on?" section. Press the "Save" button to save your changes. Next, select your preferred payment method. First Priority is set to "Account Balance" by default. To change this, click on the "Account Balance" link, choose your preferred payment and currency, then click the "Save" button. Repeat the same steps if you would like to set a Second or Third Priority. NOTE: We don't currently offer Alipay, PayPal, or Moneybookers (Skrill) as an automatic payment option. If you wish to use these for your expired auction or backorder order, you will need to manually complete your payment.

    • How accurate are your Expired Auction traffic and revenue stats?

      Our Expired Domain Auctions offer information about the monthly revenue, monthly visitors, inbound links, and age of the domain. We use well-known third party parking companies to park expired domain names. The stats we publish on the Expired Domain Auctions page are directly from these companies. We also use EstiBot Domain Appraiser to provide an estimated value of the domain name in our auctions. According to EstiBot, they use a "statistically derived model to calculate the value of a domain name based on over one hundred internal and external domain attributes. Internal attributes include domain length, extension, word count, pronunciation and other characteristics directly linked to a specific domain". More information about EstiBot's methodology is available here.

    • I paid for my winning Expired Domain Auction order. Why is it still processing?

      Expired Domain Auction won orders take 3 to 4 days to process as you await the tail-end of the original registrant's Renewal Grace Period. If not renewed, the domain will be added to your account as soon as this period is over. In rare cases, a domain won at auction will not be added to your account because it was renewed by the original registrant. If you need an exact date and time for when your auction order will complete processing, please email orders@dynadot.com and include your order number in the subject line. NOTE: Once the domain is added to your account, it will be in "Auction Lock" status.

    • How does proxy bidding work?

      We use proxy bidding for our Expired Domain Auctions, User Auctions and Backorders (if they go to auction). Here is how it works: Say for example, a domain is in auction with a starting bid price of $12.99. If bidder A places a bid of $20.00 for the domain, our system will start his bid at $12.99 and bid up to $20.00 automatically on his behalf. When bidder B visits the auction, he sees the current bid price as $12.99. If bidder B decides to place a bid for $14.00, he will be outbid immediately by bidder A, and the new minimum bid will be $15.00. In order to outbid the first bidder, he would need to bid at least $20.01. If bidder B places a bid for $20.00, which matches bidder A's maximum bid amount, then bidder A would still be the high bidder, but the new minimum bid would be $21.00. If an auction price reaches $50, proxy bids will be tiered based on the current high bid. How do I place a bid on an Expired Domain Auction? How do I place a bid in the 3-5 day auction that sometimes follows a successful backorder request?

    • I won an Expired Auction domain, but my order was cancelled because the original owner renewed. How did this happen?

      The original registrant normally has a Renewal Grace Period of 40 days to renew even if the domain is won in our Expired Domain Auctions. If the domain is renewed within that grace period, the Expired Auction order will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded. We understand other registrars have different policies, but we like to be fair to both parties. We give the original owner a full 40 days to recover their domain, in case they overlooked it.

    • Why am I banned from your expired auctions and backorders?

      You should have noticed that when you bid on an expired auction and/or place a backorder request, you had to check a box agreeing to pay. When you do not pay for your domain, you are banned from both our expired auctions and our backorders. Expired Auctions In the past, some users have failed to pay for their expired auction orders. This is detrimental to our auction system since it not only inflates the price of the domain bought, but it also means the domain will probably be deleted. Expired auction winners will be given 48 hours to pay. If payment is not received and there were additional bidders, the second highest bidder will have 24 hours to pay. Backorders It takes resources to catch a dropping domain, especially since there is often competition from other registrars trying to catch the same domain. If we catch a domain, but do not receive payment for it, we have no choice but to release the domain. If we catch a domain with only one backorder request, an order will be automatically created and the customer has 48 hours to complete the payment. If we catch a domain with multiple backorder requests, the domain will go to a public backorder auction. The winner of the auction will be given 47 hours to complete their payment. If they do not pay, the second highest bidder will be given 24 hours to complete their payment. If you wish to have an auction ban removed, please email info@dynadot.com with your request.

    • How do I automatically pay for Expired Domain Auction and Backorder orders?

      Congrats on winning your Expired Domain Auction or Backorder! If you won a backorder and it does not go to auction, it will automatically be processed using your autopay settings. You can use the steps below to update those settings to your preferred payment method. For a backorder auction or an expired auction order, you will need to turn autopay on if you haven't already by following the steps below. Please note that you cannot select different autopay methods for expired auctions and backorders. Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Aftermarket" from the left-side menu bar and click "Default Payment" in the drop-down. If you want to use autopay for your expired auction and backorder auction orders, set "Turn autopay on for expired auction and drop catch auction orders?" to "Yes." Press the "Save" button to save your changes. The default payment method is account credit; however your auto-payment will not go through unless you have enough account credit in your preferred currency to pay for your order. Prepay into your account to solve this problem. You can also choose to pay with credit card. If you want to select credit card as your first priority default payment, click on "Account Balance." Please note this payment method cannot be used unless your preferred currency is USD. You can choose to enter a new credit card or use a saved one. Once you have entered your payment information, press the "Save" button. You can also choose to set a second priority and third priority default payment in case there is an issue with the first or second payment option. Please note that if you fail to pay for your Expired Domain Auction or Backorder auction, you may be banned from our auctions and backorders. NOTE: The payment method you choose for Expired Domain Auction and Backorder auto-pay orders is no longer the same payment method used for domain auto-renewals.

    • What does it mean when a domain is in "Auction Lock" status?

      When a domain won in our Expired Domain Auctions is added to the winning bidder's account, the domain is put in "Auction Lock" status for about 15 days. While in this status, the domain cannot be unlocked, transferred to a different registrar, or moved into another Dynadot account. However, you can set the name servers for the domain. The Whois information will still show the registrant as "Pending Renewal or Deletion." At the end of the 15 days, the "Auction Lock" status will automatically be removed. NOTE: This is different than the "Buy Lock" that is placed on Marketplace domains.

    • Which TLDs are supported in your Expired Domain Auctions?

      We have a massive selection of top-level domains (TLDs) available for you; ranging from .com, .tv, .name and many, many more. We currently have over 275 and regularly add more. Please visit our Expired Auctions page and search for the TLD you are looking for using the TLD filter. What is an Expired Domain Auction? How do I participate in your Expired Domain Auctions? How do I place a bid on an Expired Domain Auction?

    • How do I download a list of the current Expired Auction domains?

      Find your next great domain in our Expired Domain Auctions! You can use the search options to search through the domains in our auctions on the page or you can download a list in a CSV file. To download a list of the current Expired Auction domains, please follow these steps: Navigate to the Expired Domains Auction page under our Domain Market section. Click on the blue "Download" button. Save the CSV file to your computer. Want to keep an eye a particular domain? Add it to your watch list. How do I participate in your Expired Domain Auctions? How do I place a bid on an Expired Domain Auction?