What is FTP?

File Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as FTP) is used for exchanging files between two computers that have network access to each other. (The Internet would be an example of one network.) One computer acts as a FTP server which takes in and processes FTP requests from other computers. The other computer makes a connection to the FTP server by using FTP client software. (One example of a FTP client is WS_FTP.) Once this computer is connected to the FTP server, it can send or request files from the FTP server.

FTP allows you to access your web hosting through a different platform. This goes for both our Email Hosting and our VPS Hosting.

Our Email Hosting features a custom-built control panel that is easily accessible through your Dynadot account. It provides users with the ability to upload files, create and access email, and includes website statistics. You can also find your FTP settings if you wish to use an FTP client instead. If you want to use an email client, you need your POP3 and SMTP settings, which are different than FTP.

Our VPS Hosting offers you SSH and full root access to your virtual server, so you can install almost any software. In addition, you can create FTP accounts to give access to other users without giving them full access to your VPS Hosting account. For example, you can upload via FTP settings to your VPS with zPanel.