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What is 2 step verification?

Dynadot takes account security seriously. This is why we don't just rely on your username and password to ensure the security of your domains. In addition to the "birthday" you are required to enter, you can also set up 2 step verification to add another layer of security to your account.

We offer the following security options that you can add to your account for 2 step verification:

SMS Authentication: You will receive a verification code via text message that you must enter along with your "birthday" to unlock your account.

Google Authenticator: This is a smartphone app that gives you a time sensitive verification code to enter along with your "birthday" to unlock your account.

Security Key: Is a physical USB drive that connects with your devices, including computers and laptops, to prove identity to access specific resources on a network. Similar to an OTPs, a security key can be used to authenticate a user whenever they wish to access specific resources or need to log in to their accounts on a website or an application.

If you want even more security for your account, you can use both the SMS authentication and Google Authenticator together. You will then be required to enter both along with your "birthday" to unlock your account.

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