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a_r_los_angeles_us posted:
We made the mistake of building a business process around the Dynadot API. Today and yesterday, it is not working. We got onto dynadot chat, and were informed that this is because of "bulk users" using up all the API resources -- what this means actually is domain spammers who are gaming Dynadot's API.

We're going to stop using Dynadot and we need to warn any other prospective users that the API is not reliable, and that customer support has no workarounds. They are clearly overwhelmed by spammers so legitimate users can't use it.....
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It has now been 24 hours, and as far as I can  tell, the dynadot API is basically broken.

Occasionally I can connect and perform one operation, but then I always get disconnected with:

RestClient::ServerBrokeConnection: Server broke connection
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teamdynadot posted:
The API is working properly as the last command was processed seconds ago. There seems to be some confusion on how the API works. Here is a breakdown:

The API connections are based on spending.

All API requests are first given a priority score. This score is the total
account spending divided by the connections received by the account in the
last 24 hours. So an account with high spending that gets a lot of
connections will get a lower and lower priority score over time. This allows
lower spending accounts to eventually get connections too.

All API requests are put into a queue, sorted by their priority score. Once
a connection becomes available, the API request with the highest priority
score is removed from the queue and given the connection. If a request is
not given a connection after 10 seconds, a "system_busy" response is
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