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a_w_san_marcos_us posted:
Hey everyone.. I decided to write a helpful little tool that would help you submit your domain backorder requests into DynaDot automatically using their API. The software will work on all Windows computers and makes backordering domains fast and easy!

Assuming you have funds in your account to cover the backorder requests, just open the application and enter the list of domains you wish to backorder. Make sure your DynaDot API key is added and press Start. You can even schedule the software so it submits your backorders shortly before the backorder time ends.. Grab your copy at
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reseller posted:
What's the point? You can see whichever backorder requests people and place and use that data to secure them for yourself.
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I wonder if it is automation software like this which has broken the Dynadot API. I wonder if the API will ever work again for users who are not hitting it will hundreds of requests per minute and hoping that one gets through.
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@reseller - The point of the software isn't just to submit your backorders with DynaDot, but with multiple outlets instead. For those who don't do much backordering, this is how you can increase your odds of successfully catching more domains by having multiple outlets chasing after them for you.

@a_r_los_angeles_us - It's the big boost in API usage across the board which is probably what has dropped your success rates. You likely need to increase your account spending if you want things to speed up again. Welcome to a fresh year of the Chinese boom!
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