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a_w_san_marcos_us posted:
Hey everyone.. I wanted to let all of you know about my new DynaDot API drop catching software. This software will work on all Windows computers, both 32-bit and 64-bit and it will let you instantly register domain names through the DynaDot API..

As long as you have prepaid funds in your account and your dynadot API key on hand you should find this software extremely easy to use..It will even let you look over the days deleting domains so you can find the domains you want to try and catch! Feel free to visit my website and learn more about how this drop catcher works with your DynaDot account:
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We're on version 2.6 now and the drop catcher continues to improve! Check our website out for the latest updates and information about domain drop catching!
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Lots of updates and changes since initially posting this. If you haven't already, check this software out!!
ReplyQuote6/23/2014 15:46
Still new updates being released for this software. If you haven't checked it out lately make sure and visit the website!
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Great for catching domains with DynaDot!! Check it out today
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Is this software still in use ?

If yes, any reviews... ?
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