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Forums -> Domains For Sale -> Turnkey Website
w_l_jeffersonville_us posted:
This is a complete turnkey website for sale.


This package includes:
Domain name
PHP Scripts
HTML Template
Free setup on your webserver (optional)
Free maintenance (optional)

Bidding starts at $30.00 USD

Feel free to ask questions aswell.
ReplyQuote2/10/2007 06:31
jamal_jo posted:
What is the quota and bandwidth for the website ?
and is it paid in full for one year for example ?

ReplyQuote2/10/2007 09:16
My offer doesn't include anything about hosting. If I was infact going to sell a hosting package with it...I'm sure the price would be much over 30$

The domain is brand new, about 6 days old. Paid in full for 1 year.

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ReplyQuote2/10/2007 21:39
jamal_jo posted:
Thank you for explaning.


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ReplyQuote2/11/2007 12:31