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k_m_da_nang_vn posted:
Here I introduce to you a website with a good domain that I will sell. they are: (DA> 30, TF, CF: 8; 14). I have invested quality content for this website. However, I did not have enough time to continue developing, so I wanted to resell the price for only 1/5 of the expenses I spent. I spent more than $ 900 just to write articles for this website, not including other costs. You can verify the quality of content directly on the website. It is a website with unique content and quality.
If you are interested, I will sell this entire website to you for less than the cost I spent so much.

I urge you to consider, because if you want to create a similar website you will spend at least $ 4000 for content development and link building, along with time from 1 to 2 years.

I will offer a price for this website if you are interested.

Please note: website sales are made through the Marketplace of Dynadot, in accordance with Dynadot's regulations.
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aadhi posted:
Hi, May i know for how much you are willing to sell this?
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k_m_da_nang_vn replied aadhi :
Thank you for your interest but sold

maybe your interest on this site:
DA:50, I will transfer include website.
Contact me via or send message to Dynadot account
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k_m_da_nang_vn replied aadhi :
Now I'm selling website and domain bellow,
Please do not hesitate to let me know if you are interested in any of the websites or domains below.

Domain and Include website:
========================== DA:50 DA:31 DA:25 DA:25  DA:25

Domain only:
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