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k_m_da_nang_vn posted:
Here I introduce to you a website with a good domain that I will sell. they are: (DA> 30, TF, CF: 8; 14). I have invested quality content for this website. However, I did not have enough time to continue developing, so I wanted to resell the price for only 1/5 of the expenses I spent. I spent more than $ 900 just to write articles for this website, not including other costs. You can verify the quality of content directly on the website. It is a website with unique content and quality.
If you are interested, I will sell this entire website to you for less than the cost I spent so much.

I urge you to consider, because if you want to create a similar website you will spend at least $ 4000 for content development and link building, along with time from 1 to 2 years.

I will offer a price for this website if you are interested.

Please note: website sales are made through the Marketplace of Dynadot, in accordance with Dynadot's regulations.
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