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j_m_fribourg_ch posted:
I am in the process of transferring a domain name to Dynadot. It is a domain name used for an active website.

Due to peculiar hosting settings, the hosting of the domain is not determined by the standard DNS, but by A records. The DNS are those of the registrar.

In order to prevent an interruption in the online availability of the website, is there any way for me to set the A records for that domain name in my Dynadot before the transfer completes?
ReplyQuote3/5/2020 09:54
OK, in that case I have been able to insert the A records immediately after the transfer completed, thus I had no issue. But the question remains, since I may not always be able to do the same.
ReplyQuote3/5/2020 10:38
teamdynadot posted:
Hi there, while a domain is in the pendingTransfer status, the DNS can not be altered, and so unfortunately, we don't have a way for you to edit or add DNS to a domain prior to it's transfer completion.
I hope that helps, thanks!
ReplyQuote3/9/2020 11:14
Really truly? We have to transfer the domain, wait for the client's server and email to break and then rush in and update the domain? That is just bonkers
ReplyQuote8/16/2020 03:44
If the domain is using third-party name severs, the sever will be kept during the transfer. You can manage the domain that needs transfer using name severs.
ReplyQuote8/19/2020 00:40
Thanks. That is what I have done.
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