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j_s_narre_warren_au posted:
I hear, there is to be a second one of those, ''Dot big bang'' events,starting in 2019.

We all know about the 2012 event, advertised as the Dot Big Bang, where ICANN released the opportunity to buy tlds.  Dynadot is currently a place to buy many of these gTLDs of which have resulted from this.

The first I knew of the new, or second ''Dot Big Bang'' was by accident.  There is a website I came across after a bing search, advertising for investment opportunities into their try at buying 10 to 15 of these.

So, I want to ask people here....

....what else do you know, can you inform  me about in respect to this? people in Dynadot, want to see a new gTLD of a particular string? if so, what?
ReplyQuote7/3/2018 04:00
I would like to see the following TLDs become available,

Secondary and other colors such as, Purple, violet, white, brown, tan, lime, olive, indigo, cyan, magenta

Numbers, two to twelve.
ReplyQuote7/3/2018 19:40
Thanks for the suggestion. We will forward the message to the team and see if we could add them in the future when they become available.
ReplyQuote7/11/2018 01:57