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j_s_berlin_de posted:
I need to define a MX record for a subdomain but I couldn't find a way in Dynadot portal to do so. Please help me.

(Of course it's straight forward to create a subdomain and also to define MX record for the main domain.)
ReplyQuote2/1/2012 07:35
teamdynadot posted:
Our DNS page does not currently support MX records for subdomains,  though it is on the Feature request list.
ReplyQuote2/1/2012 16:06
wy234 posted:
Has this feature been added?
ReplyQuote3/21/2015 08:12
teamdynadot posted:
No, the feature is not added to our DNS page. Looks like there are not that many requests of MX record for subdomain. We will still make it a future feature request though.
ReplyQuote3/22/2015 23:41
u_d_dover_us posted:
Is this feature added now.
ReplyQuote7/8/2015 03:19
teamdynadot posted:
No, and it may not be implemented. It is still on the feature request list though.
ReplyQuote7/8/2015 16:44
wy234 posted:
BTW, the reason I'm needing this feature is to use Mailgun

(see the warning on this page)
ReplyQuote10/6/2015 18:42
itproua posted:
When this feature will be available?
ReplyQuote9/14/2016 16:21
teamdynadot posted:
Unfortunately, we don't have an ETA on if/when it'll be available.
ReplyQuote9/19/2016 15:01
This is pretty sad.
ReplyQuote10/29/2017 12:48
iceursus posted:
2130 days after the initial request, is there any progress?
I really need that feature...
ReplyQuote11/30/2017 18:52
teamdynadot replied iceursus :
Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, that's still a pending feature request. Your message will be forwarded to our team as reference. Sorry for the inconvenience.
ReplyQuote12/13/2017 01:05