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domain-push posted:
Hi there,

1. I am going to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to Dynadot
2. I have O365 bought and set up through GoDaddy
3. The website is currently also hosted at GoDaddy
4. When the transfer is complete I will be using a different hosting provider

What I want to do is the following:
1. Keep the O365 at Goaddy up and running (ie. handling our email etc)
2. Have the domain resolve at my new hosting provider

What do I need to change when the domain reaches Dynadot?  - Nameservers? Custom DNS? What settings do I need to change?
What can I do to minimise email down time?

Thanks for any help!
ReplyQuote5/13/2018 20:02
Come back in a year and maybe they will answer you, LOL!  Maybe Just give the Techs and managers at DynaDot another 5, as they are busy catching people with overcharges and spurious Late fees!
ReplyQuote6/17/2018 06:17