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user_365 posted:

Just this morning I checked my site and it was down. I checked everything in the server and all seems fine, then I went to my dynadot account and found out that the domain was disabled due to DMCA for a single page. I wasn't notified by the copyright holder through email, I wasn't notified by dynadot through email (my fault anyways, since I failed to update my account to reflect my new primary email).

Now I cannot remove the copyrighted page because the domain is down, and it can only be removed through an admin control panel on the site, not through FTP.

Please note, my domain isnt warez. It is a user-generated content site. But I receive very few (2) DMCA complaints in the past 2 years.

Please re-enable it for a while, give me a min to delete the content then you can check.

I cant seem to find the "support" page on dynadot. So I was wondering where do I send this message?
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teamdynadot posted:

One of our customer service representatives will be contacting you in regards to this matter.  We received your private message.

Best Regards,

Dynadot Staff
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user_365 posted:
Any ETA on when will this be processed? I am loosing quite a lot due to the almost 15+ hours of downtime.

Thanks for understanding
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