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s_saint-petersberg_ru posted:

We have an adult domain. On 26th of October it was disabled by Dynadot. We got a message that explained that domain was disabled because of child pornography. Since then we trying to get from Dynadot the exact URL in question to resolve the issue. All our e-mail, tickets and chat requests for help are ignored by Dynadot support team.

The web-site is on-line for five years already and serve thousands visitors daily. We don't spread illegal materials and have never been accused of something like that. All we want is to get some help from Dynadot to investigate the issue and get back online.

Dynadot please help!

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teamdynadot posted:
Hello, our records show our management team replied you via email. If you have any further questions, please continue working with them.
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Thanks a lot for your help! Indeed, I got the info 50 minutes ago.
Even thought It took 10 days and all possible means of communication to get a simple reply, it's still greatly apprecited.
Hope the domain will be back online soon. Thanks a lot for your help!
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There was one image in question that Dynadot did not like. It was removed completely.

However, I got the following message from Dynadot Support Team:

"Unfortunately we will not be able to enable the domain at this time. We will revisit this in 30 days.
Thank you in advance for your understanding."

Why? How is that possible?
Obviously, we can't wait 30 days. It was 11 days already and 30 more days mean a death of the web-site because it's authority and search rankings is lost.
Why Dynadot trying to destroy the web-site? Is there any way around?

Please kindly help to find a suitable solution.
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Hello again!

May I ask a respective support team to answer my yesterday e-mail and explain why should I wait for 30 days before the domain can be back online?
Or should I bother them with this simple question for 10 more days again?
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You don't need to send another email for it. Sending repetitive emails will take them more time to view and investigate the issue.  The abuse management team will follow their procedures to investigate and process the issue.
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Thank you for your answer. It's always a great please to hear from Dynadot.

It's been 9 days. Still no response from abuse managment team. Domain still disabled.
Even thought this situation is very far from being fun for me I was kidding about waiting for the answer for 10 days. It's painful to see my joke turned to be true.
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The time you asked to wait has passed. Please enable my domain.
How is Dynadot going to compensate me for the loss of profits? It's obviously Dynadot's fault you need A MONTH (!) to enable domain.
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Dear Support,

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