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Web page snapshot
12/5/2006 17:44
We are working on adding a web page snapshot tool to view a domain's index page using the current/real time name server settings. A lot of the time when a user notifies us that their domain isn't working properly it is because their computer or ISP has the previous name server settings for their domain cached. With this tool, they would be able to view a non-cached version of their web page.
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Posted By raph
12/16/2006 21:27
Can't wait... Although, I normally just go to work or an internet cafe if I need to see the non-chached version.
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Posted By raph
12/28/2006 01:22
I just noticed the snapshot tool in my domains list and tried it out, it works quite well! Not quite what I expected though.
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12/28/2006 12:20
The snapshot tool is online. Just curious, what were you expecting?
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12/28/2006 12:22
And for everyone else, here are the steps to access the snapshot tool:

1. Log into your Dynadot account.
2. Click the "Domains" section link.
3. Then look for the "snapshot" link in the "Name Server" column for the domain you want to check.
4. Click on this link. This will pop up another window showing a snapshot of your domain.

Also, please feel free to post any feedback or suggestions.
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Posted By raph
12/29/2006 02:29
I like it, but I wasn't expecting a browsable web page to be returned, I just thought it would return an actual snapshot such as a small image of the page, that couldn't be browsed. Still, I like it.
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12/29/2006 14:43
We looked into making the snapshot an image, but we found that it was a simpler, less resource intensive solution to show an html page.
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