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teamdynadot posted:

On March 19, 2010 EST, VeriSign released new Premium .TV Domain Names which were previously unavailable for registration.  Unfortunately, we had an error in our system which listed some of these Premium .TV Domain Names as available for the normal .TV registration price.

This happened because we were given an incomplete list of the Premium .TV Domain Names.  We assumed that this list contained all of the available Premium .TV Domain Names.  So, any Premium .TV Domain Names that weren't on the list were displayed at the normal .TV registration price.

To compound the issue even more, we had a problem with the central registry and ran out of funds.  This meant we could not process any COM/NET/TV/CC domain registrations, domain transfers, and domain renewals.

We ended up deleting most of the Premium .TV Domain Names that were registered with the normal .TV registration price and crediting users' accounts.  On hindsight, this was probably not the best way to handle the situation.

We are truly sorry for this mistake.  If you want a refund for a deleted Premium .TV Domain Name instead of an account credit, please let us know.  We will refund your payment, no questions asked.

Best Regards,
Dynadot Staff
ReplyQuote3/19/2010 18:24
while things happen.  it probably would have been better to refund then to give the credit instead.

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ReplyQuote3/19/2010 19:21
gooddomain posted:
In my opinion,it is a better way that Dynadot sends email to tell me this state and ask me if purchase it by Premium Price.If I wish then I add funds, or else domain will be deleted 24 hours later and refund.
24 hours which is less than grace time is enough time to all user to decide in the world.

If customers wish purchase this domain by Premium Price but it is registered by other guy after deleting without notice, it will cost customers too much to get it over again.

A question:
Is the price of all .TV Domain Names corrected now?
ReplyQuote3/20/2010 06:14
gooddomain posted:
more question:

The Premium .TV Domain Names renewal fee will be the same as any normal .TV domain,From now on?
ReplyQuote3/20/2010 07:44
ReplyQuote3/22/2010 04:07