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Forums -> Engineering Corner -> Dynadot DNS Improvement
teamdynadot posted:
You can now specify a different ip address for:
Before both had to have the same ip address.

Also, we added support for CNAME records.
ReplyQuote12/20/2006 22:58
I appreciate the CNAME support, but what about offering full DNS access
to advanced users? What if I want to modify the TTL values?
Or create a SRV record?
What if I want to specify a distinct MX record for a subdomain?
What if I want to treat dynadot nameservers as public secondaries, and
maintain dns through my own private master?
Right now I feel like I'm using mitts, which limits my enthusiasm for dynadot.
ReplyQuote1/5/2007 13:18
teamdynadot posted:
You make some very good suggestions. I have added them to our feature request list.
ReplyQuote1/7/2007 00:04
It has been some time since the first discussion here. I'm also interested in SRV records support, would you please let me know when do you plan to add this feature?

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ReplyQuote7/29/2008 09:59
kate posted:
Agreed with the above.
It's a step in the right direction but DNS management can still be improved. Your call Dynabest o:)
ReplyQuote7/30/2008 12:53
matias posted:
Related to this, could you please explain why there are (what I see as) arbitrary limits on the number of DNS records one can have with the Dynadot DNS?

The number of A and CNAME records is sufficient, but why only 3 MX records?  Why not just say 25 A, CNAME or MX records?

UPDATE: Especially as you just recently combined the A and CNAME records...

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ReplyQuote8/2/2008 04:19
Hi Dynadot,

Please give us feedback whether you are going to implement the DNS SRV records feature soon, or we should look for this option at 3rd parties.
ReplyQuote10/21/2009 06:51
solarsky posted:
We have the same questions.  Why only 3 MX records?  Why is the DNS TTL not modifiable?  Why is the original post from this topic over 4 YEARS ago and nothing has been done to fix the situation?

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ReplyQuote1/26/2011 04:37
teamdynadot posted:
We believe that for most customers, 3 MX records and the 4 hour DNS TTL is sufficient. Also, there are a number of free DNS service providers you can use. That said, for 2011 we are looking to upgrade our hardware to better accommodate advanced users.
ReplyQuote1/27/2011 12:09
splat posted:
Just wanted to say I was coming here to ask for this as well.

For example I'm moving my name servers to a new server with a new IPs and it would be (err would have been) extremely helpful to use dynadot as a transitional service while I transfer the private nameservers to the new IPs.

Most every other registrar I have used offers this, but I was surprised it is not here!
ReplyQuote5/26/2011 08:14
domainlist posted:
+ 1 for the secondary dns need
ReplyQuote9/3/2011 21:06