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Forums -> Engineering Corner -> Domain Auto-Renew Added
teamdynadot posted:
We have added auto-renew for domains to our system.  To set your domains to be auto-renewed, please follow these steps:

How do I set my domains to auto-renew?

To select a payment method for your auto-renewed domains, please follow these steps:

How do I select the payment method for auto-renewed domains?
ReplyQuote5/18/2007 14:45
tqla posted:
When Auto Renew is set to yes. When does the domain renew? 30 days before expiration? 15 days? 1 day? Thanks.
ReplyQuote10/1/2007 20:40
teamdynadot posted:
I believe it is around 65 days before the expiration date. One year gets added to the current expiration date, so no registration time is lost.
ReplyQuote10/2/2007 10:27
tqla posted:
A bit early I think. The other Registrars do it on the day before it expires. How did you settle on 65 days?

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ReplyQuote10/4/2007 17:31
teamdynadot posted:
It allows time for the domain owner to resolve any issues, for example if there was a credit card problem, or not enough account balance. That way, they will get email reminders to let them know their domain is about to expire.
ReplyQuote10/4/2007 18:03
tqla posted:
Can you please tell me exactly how many days before the expiration date the auto renewal will take effect. You said that you think 65 days. Two months is way to early by the way. For me anyway. The other registrars do it on the day of expiration with no problems.

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ReplyQuote12/22/2007 10:59
teamdynadot posted:
The auto-renew is 65 days before expiration.
ReplyQuote12/22/2007 12:21
dtran posted:
I don't have any problems with that :)
ReplyQuote12/22/2007 20:22
tqla posted:
I do.
ReplyQuote12/22/2007 21:13
dtran posted:
Maybe Dynadot should create an option where users are allowed to set their own renew date from a selection menu/list?
ReplyQuote12/23/2007 15:12
tqla posted:
Without boring you with the way that I manage my domains I do want to say that Auto Renew as it's currently implemented is not usable by me.

I do understand, however, your desire to do such an early renewal in order to circumvent problems that may result in us paying the $100 fee to repurchase a recently expired domain. I applaud you for this.

That said, in order to find your Auto Renew feature useful I really need to know the exact date the the domain will renew.  A good compromise would be to show the exact Auto Renew date if the Auto Renew feature is enabled. This way I could see that date and have more control over renewals. You can then send me emails warning me that the domain will renew on THAT date. Similar to the way you do now when Auto Renew is NOT selected. Otherwise it's difficult to determine what 65 days before an expiration date actually is. Some months have 30 days, some 31, and one 28 (or 29 every 4 years). Try it, what's 65 days before March 17th? It's tough.

I hope my situation can be seen as a feature request and not criticism because I do like Dynadot and wish you all the success in the world.

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ReplyQuote12/29/2007 10:52