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Forums -> Engineering Corner -> API - Register Command Now Available
teamdynadot posted:
The registration command is now available for the API. A successful command will create a registration order. You must have enough account balance to pay for the order.
ReplyQuote6/3/2007 23:15
claudio posted:
T H A N K S !!!!!
ReplyQuote6/4/2007 01:21
Happy Days!

Time to invest with the best!
ReplyQuote6/4/2007 12:11
teamdynadot posted:
One of our customers is asking for some sample PHP code that will help him use our API. So if anyone wants to provide sample PHP code, please feel free to post it.
ReplyQuote6/4/2007 15:20
c-web posted:
I'd be quite happy to do so, but it seems I haven't spent over $500 yet.

Your bulk prices are fantastic. I just took a look at them, best Ive seen I believe. I think 500 is a bit much, maybe it could be lowered a little?
I'm at 228 now, I'd have no problem boosting that up to 300 or so in the next few days.

Edit: I decided to make one anyways, It can be found here:

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ReplyQuote6/4/2007 18:22
claudio posted:
Thanks again DynaTeam !

It works great !

You just save my time !

Is there any check limit per day, or else ?

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ReplyQuote6/5/2007 02:20
domain-push posted:
My coding skills are non-existent so ...  Does anyone have a working example of a script and would be willing to help me implement it?
It will be for my own use (On one of my hosted domains) so it doesn't have to be pretty and there are a few modifications I would like to include in it.

Or if you have windows messenger or Skype let me know your ID.

I can pay someone a little money via paypal for a working tool

If this sounds like you can you contact me at:

beinatree [at] yahoo [dot] com

To c-web -- I tried using your script but my host has disabled file_get_contents in their server configuration and now use cURL instead .. but this is outside my skill set
ReplyQuote6/5/2007 03:28
a_r_rome_it posted:

Is there any limit to the number of requests a user can do with the API? Are there hourly limits?
ReplyQuote6/5/2007 09:55
teamdynadot posted:
Currently, there are no limits to the number of requests. But requests can only be sent one at a time. So a response to a request must be sent back first, before another request can be submitted.

c-web, we can't lower the $500 limit, but you can prepay the remainder to get bulk pricing immediately.

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ReplyQuote6/5/2007 12:48
claudio posted:
Edited: Thanks !

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ReplyQuote6/8/2007 07:58
domain-push posted:
So anyone able to do the job?
(See my post above)
ReplyQuote6/8/2007 08:19