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matt-l posted:
Is this possible? If yes, how?
ReplyQuote6/13/2012 22:19
teamdynadot posted:
We currently do not have a payout option available.
ReplyQuote6/14/2012 09:40
and 4 years later has anything changed?
ReplyQuote4/8/2016 23:02
teamdynadot posted:
No, sorry, payouts are still unavailable.
ReplyQuote4/9/2016 13:09
ReplyQuote5/6/2016 16:01
You should request it here:
ReplyQuote8/8/2018 00:19
Yes, thank you for sharing! We do offer payouts now with some conditions. The link above will provide more information.
ReplyQuote8/16/2018 15:48