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Still waiting for orders to process (Using credit in my account)
7/8/2007 11:00
I submitted 2 orders, one well over 4 hours ago and it used the credit in my account ... It has still not resolved and is still showing as 'Submitted' but has not been processed
The other not long ago using paypal .. it is also showing as submitted, and also not been processed

Orders usually go through instantly so not sure what the hold up is.

Can fix it please?

[This post has been edited by aiofe on Jul 8, 2007 11:00am.]
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7/8/2007 11:05
same here...probably the weekend. Usually i get my stuff instantly. Give em some time :)
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7/8/2007 11:13
Errmmm .. Dynadot do not process orders by hand. Their system does, and if the system takes the occasional weekend off then that's understandable .. but I doubt that
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7/8/2007 12:22
Yes the same here , still awaiting for my orders to be processed even though all paid for.

They are normall instant.


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[This post has been edited by p_j_hereford_gb on Jul 8, 2007 12:23pm.]
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7/8/2007 12:29
yeah same for me too. i find its taking too loooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg(long)
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7/8/2007 13:49
Ok ive payed for a domain name twice and the domain still isnt active whats going on i want a refund for one of the fee's that you HAVE taken from my account and still havent activated the domain!
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7/9/2007 01:55
Sorry, we had a slowdown in our order system today. It is fixed now. We are working on a fix to prevent it from happening again.
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